Monday, November 27, 2006

Where's Marley?

The other day, we couldn't find Marley anywhere!

First I looked for Marley. Benji said he hadn't seen him either.

Then next I asked Emma and Dante if they'd seen him. Dante said last he'd seen him, he was over on the cat bed, and no they hadn't seen him either.

So, I looked high...

...and Dante helped me look low. Marley, where are you!?

Dante! You found him! There you are Marley, curled up in some boxes I was getting ready to recycle.

Guess I won't recycle them for now.

Well, I had just added the above picture, when my sponsor knocked on the door to pick Dante up. He is on his way to PetsMart this morning. I sent his little blankie with him for extra comfort. Good news though, my sponsor said that someone put an app. on him online yesterday! They had wanted Dante & Butttons. Since Buttons has already been adopted, hopefully they might take the other little kitty going up today named Frankie instead. Wouldn't that be awesome if he went home this soon! Please wish Dante good luck and send extra purrayers his way! Love you Dante! We'll miss you!


katnippia said...

We are happy to see that you found Marley with the help of Dante. That would not have been fun to be recycled with the boxes.

We are all sending lots of kitty purrayers, purrs, and luverz to Dante that he finds his furever home this time. Meowmize really finks that he is absolutely adorable. - Sia

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

What a cute story. So glad you found Mr. Marley.

And the ending is great. Good Luck to Handsome Dante today. I'm just surprised no one has snatched him up sooner!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dante, I hope you find your forever home soon! Headbutts and Purrs.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

reesykle the boxes? how horrybull! boxes is the most funnest things an ya shouldn't get rid of 'em.

purrs fur Dante - he needs ta haf a furrever home!

Anonymous said...

I hope Dante will find a furry wunnerful furever family...

He is furry cute and I bet he will be sooo happy!

caspersmom said...

Hey Dante, kudos to you for finding Marley. He was all cozy in a box. I hope that this time you will find a forever home. Such a handsome one as you I'm surprised that someone couldn't see what a sweet cat you really are.

Anita said...

I love the pillow of the first photo!!