Monday, December 11, 2006

Emma again thanks her friends Yuki, Kimiko and their mom for sending her the delicious fish flakes. Please excuse my goofy voice and mutterings to myself in the video!! Lol!


momsbusy said...

emma, yus luvs fishy flakes as much as we do!!! wow, we has nefer seen a woofie eat fishy flakes. sammie must have some kitty in hers. we jus kants beleeve thats marley didnts eats any. maybe he has too much woofie in him. do yus think they had a brain transplant or somfin? ale-ee-ens cuda done it. benji gots sum fishy flakes on his nose jus like we dos. mommees says that is fery cute. she says that no one sneezed an made a mess like we dos. yuki & kimiko

Anonymous said...

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KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Good Morning. Well, Emma certainly loves the fish flakes. Wow. Now I've got something else to put in the Secret Paw package.

I loved watching Sammie, she is so much like a big, huge Bear -- they both think they are cats!

Great video, really enjoyed it. Hope you didn't disturb Marley, though, he could have cared less. Emma says okay, more for me!

Anonymous said...

Yummie. We want some.

Anonymous said...

hey Midnight - yoo no how ta spell kinda, doncha? go rite FISHY FLAKES on the Lady's grow-sir-ee list, k?

Anonymous said...

Momma brought me some tuna flakes once they were delicious.

SimoneladybugKnits said...

Love to watch all the videos you put on. I don't know if i've mentioned it or not but emma looks alot like our leylu and she talks back as much as emma does. Your furry kids are so cute. Now i'm forced to put videos lol

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