Monday, July 31, 2006

Emma wanted to make sure everyone knows what a big helper she is around the house! So I took a few pictures of her and the gang and the things they do as my little helpers! Emma in this 1st picture was reminding me the recycle crate needed to be emptied! Thank you Emma, what a good helper you are!
Sammie is the resident guard dog and she watches and listens ever so carefully for any strangers that might get to close to the house! Thanks Sammie, what a good helper you are!
Marley, reminding me to water one of my fave flowers, the violet! Thanks Marley, what a good helper you are!
Zeblin is always keeping our bed warm until time to go to sleep! He also makes sure it's nice and neat! Thanks Zebby, what a good helper you are!
Emma also loves to help with printing out paperwork for The Hubby's business! Yep, this proposal looks good to me, says Emma! Thanks again Emma! You're such a big help!
And last, but not least, Benji. I'd say Benji's biggest job around the house is to make sure and identify any and all comfortable spots to curl up and take a nap on. look cute! Thanks Benji and all my little helpers! You give me the best gift ever, unconditional love and companionship. No matter what I look like or if I have onion breath or am sad or mad, you're all there for me! How empty my life and house would be without all my furrbabies! I love all of you so much!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Emma is wiped out by this busy week! She will c-ya Monday!! Have a furry great weekend!

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Marley is always so difficult! Marley, it's Formal Friday! Not casual! Again, he refuses to work with Emma & I! Impossible! Yes, Mooley, we still love you! ;)
Zebby looks to be saying, "May I help you ma'dam??" He often sits in this very masculine Formal Friday pose. Well done, Zebby! (I always think of Pretty Woman when I hear "well done". Anyone know what I'm talkin' about?)
First off, excuse my battered wall. It's seen the baby gate one too many times! Anyway, Benji isn't often caught in proper formal posture, but today, he showed us that even though young still...He too can show us his best Formal Friday pose!
Now, of course, Emma being the princess she is, always poses properly for her pictures! She, in her best formal posture I might add, is saying "Take the picture dawling, I know...I'm beautiful!" Have a great Friday!

Question: Does anyone have any suggestions for Friday's "F" theme? So far, Emma has done funny, freaky, frisky & formal.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yesterday, Emma and Benji got new toys! Marley, of course, wasn't interested! He will play once in a blue moon with a toy! Party pooper! We still love ya Marley!
Emma got a package of furry mousies with catnip in them and a feather tail! She loves furry mousies, catnip and fev-vers, so...She loved her new toys! She says she will maybe share them.
Benji got this cool new squirrel toy with a velcro belly to put catnip inside. He loved attacking it and giving it the "hi-yah" kick! (*Note toy packaging in background) So what do you think their favorite toy was that they started arguing(sp?) over??...
First off, I went in the kitchen a few minutes after I had left them playing with their toys. Dropped the squirrel w/catnip packaging in the recycle crate we keep in the kitchen. Went upstairs to get something and came back down to find Emma sitting on the recycle crate, Benji sitting next to her on the floor, fussing about who was gonna play with...
...the squirrel packaging!!!! Silly kitties! All they wanted to do was get high and I guess the packaging paper smelled very strong of catnip! -Emma's Kat

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Zebby Kisses Emma

Awwwww..Aren't they cute! You have to really watch close but you can actually see Zebby's tongue as he kisses her! So sweet! Well, I finally figured out how to use! Yeah! So be afraid, be very afraid! Muahahahaha! J/K! But I will now probably go video crazy! Have a great Wednesday! And don't forget to vote!! Today is the last day! Isn't it?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Emma is really starting to worry about our Green Wall Shelter kitty, Min Min! As you can see, Benji, Marley and Sammie are getting concerned as well! I have written an email to The House of (Mostly) Black Cats' mom and informed her of our concern. We are sure it's just been so busy for her with all the adoptions and placing of GWSK's, that she has not been able to send Min Min yet.

We hope all is well and that Min Min will soon be on her way! Until then...
Emma anxiously awaits her arrival! We will keep you updated on the arrival of Min Min and let you know as soon as we hear from her foster mom!

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Opening up the post for today is Mr. Blue Eyes himself, the one and only Marley Marl, affectionately known as Mooley (no, not because of his fluffiness!)!! And with those big blue eyes of his, how could you not vote for Emma's blog or her momma's blog...Kat's Cat of the Day for the Blogs of Summer!!

Marley, as well as Emma and Benji, need your vote! So, please...
...look at Mooley's cute little smiling face!! Go to Pets Garden, and vote for Kat's Cat of the Day or A Blog For Emma!! Quickly! J/K! Thanks!! Have a great Monday!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

!DaisyMae, if you see this, we are visiting your site but can't comment. Please contact someone and we can help turn your comment moderator OFF!
"I'll be back..." Emma Catzarzenegger

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Friday, July 21, 2006

I was racking my brain, trying to think of a good theme for today's post. And my older son, Jared says "How about frisky!?" Purrfect I say! So here is Zebby getting frisky with the leopard ribbon toy. It is attached to a little black wand and makes bird noises everytime you wave it. Zebby loves it!
Emma loves getting frisky when you move something she's laying on...i.e., the runner rug! She jumps up into her best frisky pose after I slide the rug a little. Then...
ATTACK the rug!!
Benji loves his turbo scratcher! Or as we call it, the ball track scratchy thing.
Here is his "go crazy frisky on my back" frisky Friday pose. Have a great frisky Friday!
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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Benji thinks I get on him too much about his sleeping habits! But, he is a lazy kitty! Here are only a few pictures of him napping. I have bunches more! Btw, anyone have a tissue for Benji?!
Napping with Sammie!
Napping on the couch! In a most uncomfortable looking position!
"Mom, get over it already!! Leave me alone ! I'm trying to sleep here!"......See what I mean! Lazy kitty!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sonny and his brother Shadow were 2 more fosters that were rescued from behind the same building as Benji and his group! So more than likely, Benji and Sonny were related! Anyway, everyone loved Sonny! But Sonny especially loved Sammie!! And he was the one kitten who Sammie allowed to do anything he pleased to her...Even play king of the mountain on her! Benji loves her to death, but she only tolerates so much of his romancing.I love this picture. Jared was sick in this picture and was watching my younger son, Jude and I playing on the floor. It was like Sonny knew Jared didn't feel well and was trying to comfort him. Then he started falling asleep on Jared's back, so I had to snap a few shots!
Benji also, cuddled a lot with Sonny. I love how their eyes each glowed a different color! Sonny still had those greyish-blue eyes and Benji has golden eyes. This was one of the sweetest pictures ever! Emma and Sonny were napping on Jared's top bunk bed. Emma had her face buried on Sonny's neck and Sonny was laying his head on Emma's feet. Too cute! Make sure you click on the picture to enlarge it for a better look. You can see another adorable picture of Sonny when he first came to us at about 4-5 weeks old, here at TDK.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Emma wanted to show a few more of her fave friends pictures. Starting with her older boy, Jared. He makes a good spot for lounging! Quite comfy!
Emma really likes this picture of Benji and the way he is curled into a little ball! She was a little irritated in the picture though, because Benji was hogging all the cushion.
And lastly she let me take this great picture of Zebby(Zeblin) and her napping together. She's really growing quite fond of Zebby and hates that he'll have to go soon. He will be with us for awhile longer than usual, as their are so many kittens to be adopted. He is posted in the rescue group's website, so, hopefully someone will see him there. In the meantime, we are enjoying having him stay with us!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Emma thought everyone might be interested in seeing part of Benji's family! So here above, we have from left to right, Ginger(yes, female & orange!), Aboo and Gideon. Gideon looks like his mother from what we can figure. My brother's wife is the one who found them behind her office building. She thinks she saw their mom and she was a tabby. The pappa was orange/ginger, of course!! Gideon was the most afraid and took the longest to come around. He and Aboo were adopted together. Yeah!
Then, there was Benji! He actually was the fuzziest and started purring at us the second day he was with us!! He was always different! Than his brothers and sisters that is! Now, he did hiss the first day, but quickly came to realize, this was the life! Being in a home and loved and fed! Nothing better than a full belly, nice warm bed to sleep in w/your sibs and love!
And then, Emma, Aboo and Ginger. Aboo I have to say, was her 2nd favorite foster! She was always laying and playing (hey, I'm a poet!) with him. She bathed all of them, but again, Aboo the most! That is Ginger looking at the camera. She was the smallest. Aboo weighed a pound more than Benji & Gideon! I would love to see Aboo today, all grown up! I am trying to get some pix of two of Benji's other sisters, Gracie and Emma! They are both ginger as well.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Emma will be back Monday!! Benji says, "Where ya goin'??!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Okay, first up for scary freaky Friday pictures was Marley. But, he said he was too old for this and didn't want to play! Poo poo on you Marley!
This is Benji's "What are you lookin' at?" freaky Friday face! Benj! You still got that gomper hangin' out your nose! Whaddupp!?
And Sammie...She looks like she's got that "deer in the head lights" freaky Friday face! You fluffy girl! And last, but certainly not least...
Emma! I think she takes the cake with her "fierce, wild kitty" freaky Friday face! Love her little bottom teeth! And her little heart shaped nose! And whiskers...Oh, yeah! It's supposed to be Freaky Friday faces!

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Emma started romp time today w/Zeblin. Which I was pleased to see...that she was getting along with him good. Zebby disshoveled the blanket again and waited for Emma to make her move. So, she plopped herself down, trying to act all innocent, like she wasn't going to make the first move (to chase, that is!). While Zebby was giving the dare stare-down to Emma...
... Benji was sneaking in for the surprise attack. Unbeknownst (good word, huh!) to Zebby, who was like I said, giving the dare stare to Emma! Attack!!!!!...
...Struggling for position.....Oh! It looks as though Zebby might have Benji pinned!!!...
Yes! He's got Benj pinned! "Uncle? Uncle? Say uncle!! Say it!"

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